Broadlink pro

i think i did everything right he learns the ir komandos i can select it on the flow map it doesn’t work then someone has an idea what is wrong

Please don’t wonder, the text is curiously because I can only move my head. Thank you for your understanding.

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Jürgen Manthey

That depends on what u wanna do with this flow. If u wanna send the signal then u need to use the first card in the THEN colom. If u wanna use this flow as it is then u need another flow that sends the signal by putting this first card in the THEN colom.

I do not understand
I would like to use a fused ir signal in a flow which then switches a shelly so if the remote pro receives the signal then switch the shelly

As far as i know the devices are made for sending IR/RF signals, not receiving them. So u can make a flow like WHEN virtual button is pushed THEN send a (IR/RF) signal to the television to turn it on.
It is not possible to take a remote, send a signal to the Broadlink device and start a flow from there.

ok i understand
is there a way to do this with another device?

U could use something like a button or a switch. Aqara wireless switch?

i dont can use a swich:(

I can only move my head.

Then how would u wanna send an IR signal then?
Maybe make a virtual device in Homey and turn that on in any kind of way? Add it to Google Home and use speech to turn the virtual device on? Just guessing here.

img_0725 img_09851
thats the device and 1 sensor i can touch it with my head

i dont can speak

Ok. And what device u turning with the IR signal?
Because maybe u can use a power plug behind that device and measure the power. WHEN power changes AND is more the 25W THEN turn on the Shelly?

witch plug are use ir and work with homey

I was first :wink:

that device was a power plug with ir from 2004 is broken that no longer exists i think i will have something built by an electronics engineer