Bridge test chanel

Hi, found the selection of appas for bridge by Peter_Kawa, some of the apps on that list refers /test channel, how do you install those? I cant change the slider from homey pro to homey beta if i use the android app, if i go to the Link it says No app manager available, the app i try to install is NEXA

just add the string /test after the app’s URL

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How do i do that in the app? If i do it in webb i gett “no device manager available”

As Undertaker wrote: go to the app page ( using a web browser, alter the url by adding /test to it. The example url is already altered with /test added.
After loading, you’ll see a Test version disclaimer in a big orange square.
Now hit install and off you go.

In Homey app, when you go to …More>Settings>Apps> Nexa, you’ll see “Experimental” below the version number.
Now the test version is running.

And… the links in the WIKI are active, so just click/hit them

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Thanks for all THE help but i can not get it to work, i do as you tell me but then i gett the No manager prompt… maybe om just stupid but i cant get it to work haha.

Owwww… Now I get what you meant. “No app manager available” is not good I think.
Nexa requires the Homey Bridge, do you have it up and running?
If so:
Please report this error to the developer of the app, Athom >
And the beta team also > Feedback Homey (Beta)

Yes i got the bridge upp and running, i think haha. Ikea app works great. Only 2 days in since i got it.

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