Brel stop working when rebooting Homey


I have nine Brel Motors all working great. Recently I have noticed something very strange: when I reboot Homey from the app, or when Homey reboots via a pre-scheduled flow, they stop working; I can send any command I want, the motors will not react. As a workaround, I need to PTP on Homey so they start working again.

Note that this issue started occurring after the latest Homey update.

The latest official update? Or experimental update?

It’s the official update. Not the experimental one. I noticed something new though: I can reboot or ptp Homey and this will not solve the problem unless I action at least one motor with the remote control. Only after that that the motors start responding to Homey. So PTP or rebooting alone does not solve the problem. The problem would anyway occur after a homey restart and is only resolved after I issue at least one command via the Brel remote.

That is strange. I am using 10 Brel devices myself. I am going to test a reboot myself now.

Ok, I tried it. Within 5 minutes after reboot nothing happened, but now after 10 minutes it is just working fine again. I assume that Homey was still initializing things after reboot.
The fact that it would work again after you use the regular remote seems not logical to me as there is no kind of smart 2 way communication that would “wake up” after a regular remote call.
Could it be Homey is stuck on another app after rebooting and therefore does not respond?

I have opened a case with them… they have asked me to redo the setup. See below:

Ok, hopefully that will do the trick for you without the need of sending your Homey back to Athom.