[BOUNTY] - €40 - Convert existing Pioneer app to Homey 2.0

Are you by any chance planning to implement explicit support for Zone 2/3/HDZONE (ON/OFF, SELECT INPUT, VOLUME+/-/MUTE)? Or will there be a possibility to send raw eiscp commands?

Thanks for testing so far. I am a little confused that the icon is green. It should be red.

As for the HDMI issues. I have to look into that.

The app is now build so it can support zone 2 in the future. It was already included but I had too many issues with it and not enough time to fix them. If that works someday maybe zone 3 can be added as well. I believe there is already a flow card for custom commands. Otherwise it can be added.

Now this is embarrassing :man_facepalming:

When I ‘reinstalled’ I actually deleted the new ‘red’ app and installed the old ‘green’ 0.4.1 app…

So please disregard all the comments above, which apply to the old version.

I just installed the new test ‘red’ version properly from the link you provided and I get the very same error, the receiver is not autodiscovered and the manual IP address input page does not pop up.

Haha No problem, things happen. I found the problem in the test version. You can install the new test version using the same link. Now it should find your device.