BLE Gateway, MQTT Broker corrupted messages


First post here, so be gentle :slight_smile:

I have two cars, and in each car i have a bluetooth beacon to show presance of each car, wich is then opening/closing my garagedoor when coming home or leaving.

This is sort of working with the beacon app in homey directly, but coverage is a problem.

So i bought a AB BLE Gateway V4 and are now trying to connect this to my Homey Pro. I use MQTT Broker and MQTT Client apps in appstore.
I manage to get connection and i see the beacons in the message, but the message seems corrupted.

So here you can see an example of message i get in MQTT Client :
20200130-12:50:28 arrTriggerTopic[0] = Test
20200130-12:50:30 OnMessage called
20200130-12:50:30 received '��v��mid��time��ip��mac�246F282EB448�devices�6�JK�u�w� �L(��T�’N����� W�.������yc��lL���H���Ĩb|�e�L ���� K��� �L� ��i@�pV�����L ��� ��’N����� W�.������yc��lL���H��’N����� W�.������yc��lL���H��JK�u�w� �L(��T�pV�����L ��� ��&� 0’��L�����O�����adx%‘Qe���� 0’���e � 0’da i3_bmw� K��� �L� ��i@��Ĩb|�e�L ����’N����� W�.������yc��lL���H��pV�����L ��� ��JK�u�w� �L(��T�’N����� W�.������yc��lL���H��pV�����L ��� ��’N����� W�.������yc��lL���H�� K��� �L� ��i@��Ĩb|�e�L ����pV�����L ��� ��"� 0!����� ��a57�0�� 0!���e � 0!da x5_bmw�’N����� W�.������yc��lL���H��’N����� W�.������yc��lL���H�� K��� �L� ��i@��Ĩb|�e�L ����pV�����L ��� ��’N����� W�.������yc��lL���H��’N����� W�.������yc��lL���H��pV�����L ��� ��’N����� W�.������yc��lL���H��JK�u�w� �L(��T� K��� �L� ��i@��Ĩb|�e�L ����pV�����L ��� ��’N����� W�.������yc��lL���H�� K��� �L� ��i@��Ĩb|�e�L ����pV�����L ��� ��’N����� W�.������yc��lL���H��JK�u�w� �L(��T�"� 0’����� ��W�d�� 0’���e � 0’da i3_bmw��Ĩb|�e�L ���� K��� �L� ��i@�’N����� W�.������yc��lL���H��pV�����L ��� ��’N����� W�.������yc��lL���H��JK�u�w� �L(��T� K��� �L� ��i@�’N����� W�.������yc��lL���H��pV�����L ��� �’ on ‘Test’

As you can see here both the i3_bmw and x5_bmw beacon is recognised. But i can not manage to get a trigger from this.
Do anyone have a clue on how to make a trigger of this?

Best Regards
Lidvar Husøy

According to the FAQ, “Gateway V4 post data in MessagePack format”.

Which means you somehow have to have a MessagePack parser between the BLE gateway and Homey if you want Homey to make any sense of it.

Thanx for the reply :slight_smile:
I was afraid that this was an issue. Do you know of any parser`s i can use?
Maybe i can use my RPi3 for this?

You can probably use your RPi3 for that, but I don’t think there’s an out-of-the-box solution. Instead, you need to write a script that will monitor the MQTT topic(s) from the gateway, decode any MessagePack-encoded messages, and re-publish them (on another topic).

Ok, thank you for the answer.
This is a bit over my level , so i think i just lay this issue dead :wink:
Scripting is something i know nothing about.