Best module behind switch

I would like to manage all my switchs in my house but staying WAF. So all switchs still have to work in classic way…
My question is, what is the best module to set up behind switch for you ?

Fibaro ? Quobino ? Shelly ?

I need approximately 12 mono and 8 dual module…

thanks for your advise !

Hi @Pogz ,
I cannot really help as I have no clue what WAF means.
But I have SONOFF zigbee switvhes and after being switched by Software (Homey Pro 23) they can be switched again by the linked classic switch. And I thought all switches having S1 and S2 clips work the same way.

Thanks for your answer !

WAF = Women Acceptance Factor. Means without any app or any electronic controler, all switches must work as usual… to avoid conflict !!

Thanks Pogz,
while I had similar discussions with my wife, I know many women that have much higher technical attitude than I have.
On the other side it is also me who would prefer every tool/device/switch should work as expected. Sometimes the can be exchanged by equivalent alternatives. E.g. use a push button instead of a on/off switch. So it is easier to understand that every push switch from on to off or vice versa depending on the current state.
So I do not blame you or anybody else for using these funny terms, but I would use less sexist expression. But I would not have understood significant other acceptance parameters (SOAP) either :rofl: