Best and cheapest contact sensor

Does anyone have any advice on the best, preferably cheapest contact sensors to get that will work with a Homey Pro (early 2023)? I want to set up a few flows for turning on lights and add to my faux security system flow I have built. TIA

The Aquara zigbee Door and Window sensor works well with my Homey Pro 2023. Price is around €20.

I replaced all my Aqara sensors (stopped responding after hours or days) with Eufy Entry Sensors. Maybe much bigger, but in my experience more reliable. Price currently around 25 euro in NL.
I ordered black coverings as well since I have black door/window frames.

I am using these for 2 months now and so far very happy.

Please be aware that these sensors most likely require an Eufy Homebase.

I have been using Aqara sensors for years. These only cost you about 10 euros on Alie and work great.


Aqara contact sensors work very reliable here, as well as Sonoff ones.
When folks are saying Aqara is unreliable, this is because they don’t work with just any Zigbee router @ Homey; in my case Ikea Tradfri filament lights.

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Do you need to have a seperate hub for the aqara sensors? Trying to avoid getting any more hubs. That is why I got the homey in the first place.

I had them connected to Homey without a hub.
But do check which models are supported, at the app store Aqara app page.

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The aquara contact sensors I mentioned in my post above are directly connected to my Homey, without additional hubs.
Never had connection issues. I do have a good open Zigbee network in my house, mainly through Ikea Trådfri smart plugs.

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Personally i would buy ones from Ikea. Dont have them yet, but the other stuff from Ikea i do like.

Have you seen the Homey best buy guide?

I have Eve and Aqara matter over Thread contact sensors. Not the cheapest, but they all work well. The Eve sensors are smaller, but have a smaller battery.