Good cheap contact sensors? (U.S.)

I’m having a hell of a time getting my Ring V2 contact sensors to connect with the community Ring Security app and have given up.

Can anyone suggest some good cheap contact sensors to use with Homey? Preferably available on Amazon US.


I use Aqara and Sonoff (both zigbee) contact sensors, they work great, and they’re in the cheapest price range.

Maybe the wrong Z-Wave frequency? Maybe too far away from Homey?
Have you already added other Z-Wave devices?


I use a lot of Fibaro Z-Wave sensors, and overall they work well, but the batteries are too expensive. I’m gradually migrating to Ikea sensors priced at 10 euros, which come with rechargeable AAA batteries. Apart from the lack of a temperature sensor in these devices, they work well for now.