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Before attempting to update to 2.0

Hi all

Before attempting to update to 2.0 I have some questions

And this topic is NOT about Athom and how they work, answer questions, prioritize and deal with customers and developers, neither about desktop-Interface, no tablet design, ideas etc.

Neither cons or pro against other systems.

If any answer in the answers is going out of topic, I´ll have the moderators to delete those replys!!!

What I really want to know is:

What works and what not works before an upgrade, including apps. (And yes, I know the apps compatibility list, but I want to know any problems)

Some examples taken from all the topics:

  • Zigbee are not working correctly (sensors suddenly not responding)
  • Fibaro sensors not working correctly
  • ….and what else there are

The reasons is I don´t want to run into any troubles by an upgrade at the moment are:

  • Running pretty stable at 1.5
  • All sensors working and reporting status
  • WAF approved

Come on guys and girls, hit me with info :blush:

All I see from the people who went over from 1.5 to 2.0 is stories of how everything works, maybe fix a few flowcards…


Flowcards noted in spreadsheet
stories of how everything works, noted in spreadsheet


Before upgrading I was especting the worst. I manually documented devices and flows.
To my pleasent surprise everything except one Philips Hue lamp (my kids is to blame :slight_smile: worked afterwards. Now I’ve done some changes, added devices and done som other changes. I must say they’ve done a really good job. Usually the first release of a software are not perfect but in this case it’s pretty close. I recommend upgrading!