Battery alarm does not respect specific alarm threshold

On a zigbee aqara vibration sensor I changed the battery alarm threshold from 20% to 5%. (advanced parameters)

Battery level currently oscillates between 22 and 18% and I get the alarms each time the value goes bellow or over 20%.

Why ?

Did you change the alarm threshold while keeping the device awake? Sensors sleep most of the time and I don’t think that Homey queues up commands for devices that are asleep (so when you set the threshold while it was sleeping Homey may think it was updated when, in fact, it wasn’t).

To keep the device awake, short-press the pairing button once every few seconds.

No, the device was not awake when I changed the value. I thought the alarm was a pure Homey threshold…

I’ll try that tomorrow.


Good point. If that turns out the case, you should post an issue here.

I tried yesterday to change the threshold value while regularly clicking on the pairing button.
The only result was loosing the device :frowning:. Homey has not been receiving data for 18 hours.

Did you short-press or long-press? Long-pressing puts the device in pairing mode.

Try pairing it again with Homey (don’t remove it from Homey first).

it was multiple short-press… may be it drained the battery and it is now too low to transmit the data to the Homey.

I also opened an issue. A rapid look at the code makes me guess that the value is hard coded to 20 (but I don’t know where to find the configuration value…)