Homy Baterry alarm never works


I have numerous devices that is battery supported.
So I am very aware that every now and again i need to swap batteries. That is not a problem.
But what is genuinely missleading is battery alarm setting from (any) device in homey.
I have a wide range of devices and never have i had a timely alarm regarding battery limit.
The sensor just stops working and I have to search why a flow is behaving weirdly. Not a problem for 1 sensor but when u have complex advanced flows its a bit harder to diagnose via a phone.

So as solution I tried using the card “Device has not reported in x.x.x Hours”. But the problem is for example door contacts, If i have not gone through a door this will report evey now and again that this device is unreachable.

So anyone has a better sollution than mine or had a similar experience?

Some of my battery devices never changes from 100%, like most Aqara, my Phillips Hue, and Nimly. You can look to see the batteries that actually do decrease in Menu->Batteries.

I use the Timeline “a notification has been sent” card to get a push notification to my phone for the batteries thats low on power. But do expect some false ones from Aqara.

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True what Arnt says, but it’s an issue of those devices combined with Homey.
It is not always a flaw of the device:

I have Aqara contact sensors which batteries stay at 100% forever @ Homey
But, @ zigbee2mqtt, it shows something different (it even shows the voltage);

It’s good to realize it’s just an indicator, not a measure instrument.
And not all devices stop working at X% as well:
One dies with 50% left, another could function with 10% left.

When batteries have less than 20% juice left, Homey automatically creates a timeline notification.
If that isn’t true, you’d contact support.


You can create a daily report yourself, with this (import-able) script + flow:


Next to the timeline-to-push flow trick of Arnt, you can use this

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