Ayct-202 not working Homey v2.0

When I’m adding device ayct-202 to Homey I can control the lights succesfully during the wizard. When I finish the wizard the device will appear in the global device list. But when I’m trying to use it nothing happens. Clicking on it will do nothing. Also when creating a flow the device is not available. Firmware is v2.0

I allready did a PTP, and added the device again, but nothing helps.

I think it is a bug with v2.0. Can someone confirm this?

How do you ad this to Homey ? I try but nothing responds in Homy when I push button.

I just uninstalled the App from KlikAanKlikUit and tried it again to add the device. Now I get the same behaviour as you: no responses when I try to pair it.

Hopefully they fix this soon.

Do you also have v2.0?

KaKu allows five pair-devices to be added. Probably the memory of your device is full? You can reset the device / clear the memory: