AUX Airco Control with homey

So the house I bought has 2x AUX Split type air conditioners (indoor units) model number ERP Inverter 9000BTU (I think it is this one (AUX Split Unit)

Now I found out I can buy a wifi module for it and that it will work with an android app called AC Freedom. The manual for this can be found here:

Wifi module installation manual

I was wondering before I purchase 2 of these wifi modules if anyone here can give me an estimate of the chance this will work with homey or via google home and then homey or if this has no chance at all of working.

Thanks for the info!


I installed the WiFi modules, the AC Freedom app works without issues. I can turn the AC on/off with google home

I posted a request for Homey integration and linked to the Home Assistant github: AC Freedom - Feature Requests - Home Assistant Community

Fingers crossed!

I got 2 AUX AC units delivered today and had the same question the moment they got delivered. After a quick scouting over the internet i discovered that the AUX AC units work through the Tuya protocol and can be operated through the tuya cloud app in homey.
Not yet tested it myself, but will install the AC units soon and will then test it.

That is promising news, I’ll give it a go.

I added the app but in the configuration section I have to fill in some details I dont know like official secret and phone.

I’m also looking for split units. I’m curious if the Aux split unit with the AC Freedom app works with Tuya/Homey.

Did someone tested it allready?