Automatic restart apps when all devices get unavailable


I have noticed that sometimes, some of my apps (in particular Philips Hue and Xiaomi Mi Roborock) lose all the devices that have been added. So I need to manually restart the applications to get all the devices back in my list.
There should be some mechanism to determine if all devices are unavailable of an app, to restart the app or at least be able to trigger something on that.

Personally I got around 55 lightbulbs in total and if 0 of 55 are unavailable… I would definitely like my Homey to reboot that particular app or at least to throw some notification that the app has stopped working so that I can do it myself.



Hi Tobias, very good Q.!
One can always auto-restart certain apps with these kinds of issues at fixed times, but that is not “smart”.
I read about Hue connection issues often, so pls report to Athom as well.
For the Xiaomi you should contact the developer first (not an Athom app)

Not smart but this works great for me. It is known that there is a memory leek in the hue app and Honeyscript. Therefore i restarted that apps. But on the otherhand i thought why not restart every app every day and Homey once every two weeks. From that time on my system is stable

I have no good experience with the possibility when a app has crashed. You could try it, but in that case the problem has already occured, and i rather try to avert that.

I also have the same experience with this the possibility when a device hasn’t reported for some time. In that case you also already have a problem


Thanks for the hint! This comes in handy, and never crossed my mind :wink: .

@Marcel_Ubels, thanks for sharing your two flows, that it nearly exactly what I would like to do!

Where do you find the restart homey part? I can’t locate that in the flow creation…
And is there some import option maybe? :thinking:

Maybe have to enable in settings power user

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Thanks a lot @Marcel_Ubels :star2:

I know this is a old post, but in searching what i needed, i found this topic.

Device Capabilities (Test version) has a new Triggercard:
Device became Un/Available.

With tags:

  • Device ID
  • Device Name
  • Available
  • UnavailableMessage
  • Zone ID
  • Zone Name

Perhaps you can use this.
I could make an All devices from [[app]] are un/available condition card?
Done, see below.

And you can use the new condition:
Condition: All devices are !{{|un}}available ([[brand]], [[devicetype]]).

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