Automatic backup not working

Hi there! Anyone noticed automatic cloud backup not working? Noticed by a random fluke that it hasn’t done a backup in a long time. Manual backup seems to work though. Restarted the iPhone app, the ball itself, turned automatic backup on and off but it really doesn’t work. Anyone else had this problem?


I can not confirm this. Homey does his backups well.

Weird. Wonder why mine doesn’t.

Here also no problems

Maybe you have stability problems? Internet outages in the night, automatically turn of internet in the night? I think you have to search or otherwise make a ticket at Athom.

If a backup failed this will be displayed in the homey app’s timeline (unless you disabled this) that something went wrong, so if nothing gets printed there, it most likely is something at your end like rebooting Homey at night or like mentioned above internet off at night (between 2 and 3 am)


So your last action was Off, better turn it ON again and wait till tomorrow.

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Obviously a mistake on my part. Of course I did not leave it “off” and hoped it would work.

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