Auto discovery

Hello everybody, i want to ask for help/advice.
I started recently to ‘develop’ my own modbus app to connect my heatpump (brand stiebel eltron)
meanwhile i have create an app and install it at my old homey pro ( white spere )
I tried all options i found for auto discovery but get no results back. is anybody willing to help me with some advice?
I started with mac detection - nothing appears.
I also tried Mdns-sd with all names i can imagen to search for. Is there an easy way to find an existing mdns-sd name or SSDP name from an existing network device? I know the IP adress and MAC adress as well.
Also tried after reading an old topic to use homey create discovery command but the results are the same…

already thanks

Are you sure your device actually supports mDNS service discovery? You can see multicast data originating from your device with something like tcpdump:

sudo tcpdump -n multicast and src $IPADDRESS

(replace $IPADDRESS with the IP address of your device)

As for MAC detection not working: this relies on a device responding to broadcast pings, which a lot of devices don’t.

Also: are your devices on the same network segment/VLAN as Homey?

I use an app on my Android phone to look at mDNS information. The one I use is called Service Browser.

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Hi Robert,
Maybe stupid question… but i’am a starter… when entering tcpdump into Cmdline i receive an error. ‘sudo’ is not recognized. What is going wrong…

Hi Adrian,
I do not have any android. I tried several network scanners like fing and tried all names and information i see. But nothing works…

You’re probably not using macOS or Linux. I don’t know what the equivalent would be for Windows.

Does that mean you can find the heatpump in the scanner?
If you can then provide a screen shot of the entry. If not then as Robert said, it might not publish mDNS information.

that’s right. But i can switch to my mcbook. so if it will work from a macos. i will try

Herewith a sprintscreen of a networkscan.

I don’t recognise that, but it might just be the format of the software you are using.
What are you running the scan on?

iphone => app Fing
app net analyzer said only Upnp is available… so i guess this kind of devices can not be discovered?

Hi @H_van_Barneveld !
I’m developing an app for homey that basically does the same. Controlling floor heating through modbus.
What kind of device are you using for controlling modbus?

I’m using an esp32, with mdns which works great.

Hi robert,
i tried using a mac. but get as result request for password.
Any idea what else i can try?

Do you know where i can find example to create pair session what ask for ip-adres? maybe for now the most easy way? i can not find it.

Yes, sudo means “run as root/administrator”. You need to enter your own (macOS) password there.