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A simple App to handle your Keba charger using the UDP protocol.

To add your Keba P30 or P20 (X or C-series), you first need to make sure:

  • it is included in your local network (It will find the devices by MAC address)
  • set up using UDP port 7090 and allow traffic in your firewall
  • activated the UDP functionality on the box

Manuals and other downloads from Keba: Downloads | KEBA

More info will come on setup and other stuff needed, important is that before you try to connect to Homey - you need to be able to see your box on your network and you need to have enabled UDP protocol - after that, the app should find the box automatically.

The MAC addresses used for discovery that app looks at now starts with the following;

  • 00:60:B5
  • 00:07:80
  • 88:6B.0F
  • 84:2E:14

If your MAC is not in this list, please update me with it - and I will add it (seem to be some different LAN/WIFI adapters in use in the boxes).

Hi Jonathan.
My MAC is 00:60:B5:3C:7D:F9
Also verified that 1.3 is set to ON (enable home automation).
There is no firewall between the Homey Pro and the KEBA

One question, do you use LAN connection to the box, not WIFI?
I see that the LAN connection has another MAC, I Will add that to configuration of the Discovery.
LAN: 00:60:B5…
WIFI: 00:07:80…
I will need a day or so to fix and update - I will notify you as soon as it is fixed and would be good if you could test again then.


I just submitted an update it can take a while before it gets published (v1.0.3).
If you want you can test the experimental/test: Keba | Homey until it is published.

Hi Jonathan,
That did the trick. Works like a charm now.
Would love to also see 32A as a selcetion option (I have a phase doubler so the 32A is actually, 2 fases being 16A - joined before the KEBA). So to get the 7,2KWh I need the 32A setting :wink:

Hi, added a 32 A setting and added app to test.

Keba | Homey if you want to test it directly - else it will be published live soon.

Works great - thank you very much :grinning:

ons. 14. sep. 2022 16.18 skrev Jonathan Cohen via Homey Community Forum <notifications@athom.discoursemail.com>:

Great work and thank u for making this APP.

Is there anyway to see if the UDP is enabled without removing the cover? The web UI is working.

Hi, I am not completely sure, the web/admin UI of the box do not show anything about that what I can see. There are tools do download to check UDP connections/ports but I do not have so much experience with that - during development I used Wireshark to follow the traffic.
You could try to install the app, and during adding a device it will first look up IP based on MAC information and then call commands to get info from the boxes found to show in list of devices. If you do not have UDP enabled this should fail and either say no devices found or a more detailed error message - you try it from there.

Thank you for the App.
Unfortunaly i cannot connect to my Box over a LAN MAC Adress 00:60… I can connect with the Keba App (Beta) and over Web. DSW 1.3 is on. Any chance to input the IP directly instead of discovery? Tnx.

Hi, 00:60:B5 should work to discover the devices - my first version of the app used a form to enter IP and Port - but got rejected by Homey because that is not user friendly (I think they are right if discovery works correct)…

I updated Homey to the last version this morning and my installation cannot connect to the device I had and cannot find new anymore - I will try to solve this and maybe that solves it for you too?

I can check if I add an app setting to enter IP/port to override or some kind of fallback if MAC discovery fails (I see Shelly has this on their add device, but will be a bit of work)… UDP and port 7090 is ok in your firewall (if you have one)?

@Zigme - have you updated homey? Do your app work still?

My homey was updated a day ago.
The Keba app is still working like a charm.
Perhaps the upgrade broke the discovery process (im not going to try :wink:)


fre. 16. sep. 2022 17.24 skrev Jonathan Cohen via Homey Community Forum <notifications@athom.discoursemail.com>:

Hi and thanks for your answer.

Yes, UDP and 7090 on a Unifi DM Pro is ok.

Hi I checked the UDP switch and it is ON.

But like above my homey can’t find the charger. No firewall here.

If u need any help or can test something please ask.

Any chance to have the first version? For CLI Install?

I somewhat trashed that version when moving to the discovery version (not in Github)…
I will as soon as I can (much to do) add fallback on IP and upload to Github.
The problem is that my app cannot find any device any longer whatever I do.

Hmmm. Now out of a sudden it has stopped working. Still able to access it via the web-interface, so no sure what’s going on :confused:


Hi I got a stack report an hour before you commented here on the forum - but that error just stated that a call could not reach UDP (quite normal) - did the app crash or just say unavailable?

I am trying to add a way during pair to fallback to add IP if no device is found - also then needing a setting to change IP…But I do not have so much time right now. Also I still cannot get my app to pair at all anymore.

Hi Jonathan.

It was unavailable - even after power cycle it.
But this morning it seems responsive again, so perhaps it was just a glitch.

Just a thought- if you can acces the web interface of yor keba to check the home automation is enabled. If you cannot then perhaps its worth trying to reset it (reset code is under the cover so you would need to open it up


lør. 24. sep. 2022 09.19 skrev Jonathan Cohen via Homey Community Forum <notifications@athom.discoursemail.com>:

Confirming its starting charge as expected :slight_smile:


lør. 24. sep. 2022 09.23 skrev Joergen Seemann <jorgen@seecom.dk>: