Athom cloud id renew

I accidently shared my Athom Cloud ID number (general device page) on social media.
People warned me that they could create webhooks and control or hack my homey.

Can someone please tell me how i can change / renew my cloud iD.
Factory reset / recovery is no problem. It’s new and empty.


Contact Athom:

I attended Chris back then. Chris did contact support: his Athom ID could not be changed and there was nothing to worry about because Homey is very safe.
It was put in other words maybe, but this was their weird response

Controlling or hacking Homey requires more than just a cloud id, but triggering webhooks doesn’t.

@ChrisVrolijk I would think that doing a factory reset and possibly register Homey under a different e-mail address (like you would when you sold your Homey) would also generate a new cloud id.