Athom announced Homey Cloud and Homey Bridge

Hi all, might be an irrelevant question, but provided I have Homey (not PRO), what to expect for me. Can I rely on having updates to apps and firmware (since its almost a bridge), or do think I would need to to buy a bridge. To be honest, I will need local connections like Zwave and 443, zo no way I can go Cloud-only.

Because words are cheap.


That is obviously not a use case for this.

For about the same price as a Homey Bridge you can buy a Raspberry Pi with a deCONZ stick and have a much better Zigbee experience, if that’s what you’re looking for.


Not natively, there is no connection between your Homey’s directly at all, you will probably have to play with webhooks (not sure if webhooks is possible currently, just a hunch)

Please read the topic, this was already mentioned +/- 6-8 posts before. (in short, it will keep being supported just like the Homey pro version.)


Yeah well if you watch the keynote.
Adam said “we strongly believe that all our sector needs to be more strongly committed coorporating together”
In my opinion Its a bit hypocrite to be in the keynote and say words like this and then dont support the update of your products from Homey. But lets hope for the best.

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Thanks. That’s indeed still on my list to try out. Read the positive stories already in this forum for such a setup. But I’m also curious about the Homey Bridge, so want to see if a slow and possibly partial transition could be done. That way I get an “out-of-the-box” solution to extend to or migrate to.

Yes so it seems. Also the Fibaro integration could be a lot better. So lets hope these will be on the list of Homey now. Since fibaro played such a big part in their keynote :slight_smile:

Does homey bridge works autonome wen internet connection falls down?



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So the first step to drop community developed apps is made, since they are not allowed on the Homey Bridge if the developer doesn’t want to pay the €99 a year fee next to the hundreds of hours of work they do for free…
And even if they pay the stupid fee the good working fully supported app can be killed by athom if the company that makes the the device where the app is for makes a shitty version or a one to one copy :roll_eyes:
That one would offcourse get the “blessed by Athom” badge :innocent:


Yes - Fibaro has an attitude issue :slight_smile: and always had. Which is why I do not buy their products after having run-ins with them.

But on the Homey launch - why are we not talking Thread.& Matter? I know T+M is not really ready but that could be a “gateway drug” to more future Homey usage.

As mentioned else the new Homey product is not for me (Online + Subscription = no go)

My current setup (ATV + Eve products) works really well on Thread. No issues so far - no lost connections or range problems. Even with Eve Energy in the waterproof cabinet in the bottom of my garden - it works every single time. I’m looking forward to Hue moving to Thread soon.

Everything else I integrate into HomeKit via Homebridge and it actually works rather well. No - I do not have the advanced flows from Homey. But 95% of what I want and need is covered.

So I’m not buying any new products unless they have Thread support.

Thankx for quik respons

Sorry overread the post. Will stick to Homey then. I might consider the contract for 2.99 if it brings me benefits (having more than 12 devices already).

There is no need/benefit for a Homey Cloud subscription (they won’t work together at all and will be 2 seperate entities in your Homey app) for your normal Homey (pro), the regular Homey (pro) supports lots of devices by itself. (not talking about Homey Backup subscription)


Really, paying E 99 a year for the work done on Bitron Zigbee devices is a nobrainer for me, it will never happen. A company who likes community support would love their community, which means no fee for making this available.

If Athom wants to be long lived, they might reconsider, since Homey can be easily replaced by other community supoorted initiatives

For me Homey is a hobby thing, not a way of living.

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Can somebody please confirm that although Homey is now a free (subscription based) service my Homey Pro does not require The Cloud-Homey nor do i have to pay a subscription fee of 2,99 per month to continue to use my over 5 devices i have linked to my Homey Pro.

I can!
Is not a question…

Exact the same API as for Homey Pro

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