Starting with Homey Cloud

I just Re-Created a Homey Cloud “Home” as my other post with testing and differences was setup some time ago before the beta release was finished.

I was surprised today by the NEW New Home Wizard for setting up your initial Home(y) in the cloud.

Edit 2021/11/02: As I see several questions how to start this wizard from users with already an Homey.

  1. Go to more and type your Homey name just below your own name to switch Homey’s
  2. Click the + sign to start adding a new Homey
  3. Start creating a new Homey

Before you got a default number of rooms if I remember correct.
Now you can setup something that looks more your house:

Follow the Picture story :wink:

As simple as 1 2 3 (4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 :wink: )
And also request your Location from the phone to know where your Homey lives…
Max 3 floors, but endless variations to become a reflection of your house from the start.

Have Phun!

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I hope all current users here will understand we are not the target audience of Homey Cloud and Homey Premium.
I think it’s a great proposition for what it is! Hopefully it will catch on and generate revenue for Athom so they can keep developing and growing.

(Btw, didn’t know the gasstation at the afsluitdijk has 3 stories :wink: )

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Can you create a Homey Cloud “Home” in an account that already has physical Homeys attached or do you need to create a separate account for that?

Yes that is What I did, Actually I have 4 Homeys in my account and Added the Cloud Homey.
I heard that that is limited to one Cloud Homey per account at the moment. ( obvious with the invite now )

Great! Applied for a beta invitation

Not quite a good start for Homey Cloud.
I have the Beta code, but can’t set it up in the app.
An error occurred, please try again later. If i use it again it tells me I already have a home created.
Some time later an unusable home with no options appears as offline.

Hey Manni, please report to the company (as well)

The invite mail provides for this link, so you can give feedback and for a known issues overview:

The new Homey — Beta Status .


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Some things are to normal you forget if you play long with Homey!

As I see several questions how to start this wizard from users with already an Homey.

See screenshots above.