Add new Homey in Beta invite

“Awesome news: your Homey beta invite is here - access it with your unique code!”

  1. Install the Homey App
  2. Create an account, or log in and add a new Homey.
  3. Choose to ‘Create a new Home’.
  4. Enter your access code x x x x .
  5. All done. Enjoy Homey!

That’s great but how the diddly doodly do you add a “new” Homey to the app? (Android v6.11.12.1039)

New Home without hardware

And also

And this one

And last but not least

OK thanks for the replies, a new Homey has now been added.
However it hasn’t asked me to enter the Beta code that was sent so far . . . .

Yay!!! Is it out of Beta now? or Soon™?
No Beta Code needed anymore! (Verified!)