Asking for advice on a reliable blind motor

I have some issues with two blind motors controlled remotely with Shelly 2.5 relays, so I am considering buying two blind motors compatible with Homey and bypass the Shelly relays. Can anyone recommend a reliable motor?

The Shelly’s are normally without any problems.
Maybe you can ask first in the Shelly topic if you can try something else first.

Hi Corto,

I was looking for some blind motors as well.
it kind of depends on what type of blind you have.

If your blinds have a beaded cord you can use this motor:

If your blinds use a turn rod system you can use the sunsa wand:

or an alternative to the sunsawand would be:

When you want to automate venetian blinds I think this option would be a good option:

Together with the solar power pack:

All these options should work directly with Homey except for maybe the Aqara roller shade driver.
But maybe these will be supported in the future!
I hope any of this helps.