Ask Google flow without 'ask homey'

Hi, my name is Michel and I’m new here!

I have the Homey pro and I like it. Sometimes it’s slower then the ICS2000 but it’s ok.

With my ICS2000 I started a scene with: ‘Hey Google, start movie time’

But now with Homey pro it’s a longer sentence: ‘Hey Google, ask Homey movie time’

Is there a possibility to command Homey flows via Google without 'ask Homey ?

I tried a lot of combo’s :wink:

Many thanks!

Yep, you can do this via Google routines.
The voice command will be movietime and the routine action will be ask homey movietime

Or make a virtual device named “Move time” and underneath that you’ll place the actions you want.
For instance;
When; Movie time is on
And; place someting here, like TV light is off.
Than; place your actions here that you want to happen when you watch a movie.

This is how i did it, so i say, Hey Google, bioscoop (dutch)
Than the lights are dimming and the shutters are closing .

Nice!!! I didn’t know it existed! Awesome!

Dankjewel kerel :wink:

And this is also a great thing! A new world opens up for me :slight_smile:


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You’re welcome!

is ‘movietime’ the name of a (virtual) button or the name of a flow?
Tried to start a flow like this without succes.

Movietime is a flow.

And I did it with Google routines! Now I can say: Hey Google: Start movietime, or start bedtime, etc…

Thanks Frank_van_de_Schuur :slight_smile:

You’re welcome


I also tried your solution and it works also! But I have to say Hey Google: movietime on or movietime off indeed.

Now with the routines I don’t have extra devices and I can say: Start movietime :wink:

I like that more. But thanks for this great tip!

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Exactly, that’s what I also don’t like with virtual button. It’s counter intuitive

Good morning, everyone! Just a small addition, the “routines” are not available in all countries (e.g. in Switzerland, no idea why). Personally (in Switzerland), I use IFTTT to link my Google Home and Homey. This way, it is possible to configure an “Applet” that starts a Flow in Homey. It is thus possible to configure very precisely up to three different sentences that start a specific Flow, and also to configure the answer that your Google Home will give to your query. I think it’s also possible to have an even more advanced interaction with Homey (for example by asking the temperature of a specific sensor), but I haven’t tried it. However with my blinds, it works very well. It may be slightly slower than the solutions proposed above, but the huge advantage is to be able to choose very precisely the sentence you want!

On topic.
That’s correct, down side for me is, that i want as few stops as possible between the interactions.
Other than that it does the job.

Offtopic, you’re from Switzerland?
We come 3 till 4 times a year in Switserland. We love it.
Allways in Berner Oberland. This year we had to skipp cause of Corona, and it breaks our heart.

My Google Home Mini keeps saying homey isn’t connected, but is in the google home and homey app. The trigger I’m using is: vraag homey rolluiken omlaag (rolluiken omlaag is the flow). Does anybody know what I’m doing wrong?

Not sure what you mean by this…
Does Homey execute the action and after that google home says “Homey is not connected” ?
If that’s the case then it might be that Homey is not responding fast enough to google home.
I solved it by just adding a “say something” card in the google flow. where the actual text is just a ‘space’

I made the attached routine. After triggering it, I get the following response message from my google home mini:
Het lijkt erop dat je account bij homey nog niet is gekoppeld.

Je kan homey aan je google account koppelen via de Google home app.

I already have a connection between homey and google home and I can control homey devices through the google home app. I don’t get why it doesn’t work.

One step further. Apparently there is a third option to connect homey to google assistent, asking the assistant to talk with homey.

Hmm doesn’t want to start flow.

Your flow starts with the Card “Something was said” with the wanted text?

Yes! It works for devices now, but it doesn’t understand/find/Trigger flows. Maybe a different command?