Arm Arlo when everyone leaves the house


I have an Arlo base station with multiple cameras and am trying to arm all the cameras when everyone left the house. Can anyone help?

Within the Arlo app itself it is possible to arm the camera depending on my geofencing, but only for 1 person and I am trying to use geofencing for multiple persons.

I have tried to create this with my homey, but within the ‘then’ statement it is only possible to take a snapshot with the camera. I can’t figure out to select the base station there or to arm it.

Has anyone created a flow to arm the Arlo cameras depending on geofencing of multiple users?

Thanks in advance.

I have been looking around and made a flow that uses ifttt to arm or disarm my Arlo. Is this the way to do this, or is there an easier way?

Check my comment here: [APP] Arlo - Security Camera - #346 by Homey_User_T

Arlo has no restriction with just 1 using geofencing. Just invige other family members from the arlo app. They need to create an arlo account and allow the arlo app to see their position. Then in the app in the geo settings you add the members you want to be apart of geo home/away modes. Fairly simple. I have 4 family members in arlo.

I tried that before, but couldn’t get it working. I think I forgot to add them to the geo users in the arlo app.