Are there any smart surface-mounted locks that can connect with Homey?

Hello everybody,

Does anybody has experience with oplegsloten (surface mounted locks) like this:
or something like this:

How is the functionality, does it connect with homey. It’s not especially about the low price (though nice if it works good), but it is damned hard to find a solution for surface mounted locks, if you also want connectivity with homey. Are there any?

There are plenty of lock apps, just search for lock Homey App Store
Or Bold App voor Homey | Homey

I’ve not seen any surface mounted lock support yet.

The Tuya wifi version lock(s) should work with Homey.
But do you like to own a lock which depends on internet and an internet service…

Yes obviously, but not (yet) for surface mounted locks (as far as I can see), and that’s the one I want to replace.

I read about that, but do I have any opions, other than buy a new door and a new frame to fit a cylinder. How safe is an internet based solution behind a firewall?
As far as for the Tuya version, I also thought it should work, but when I look for supported devices in the (cloud)app I can’t find any.

Correct, but when you read the startpost from the Tuya Cloud app, you’ll find yourself two alternative ways, with which Homey can control almost any Tuya device, and almost any Tuya device can control Homey.
It just takes a bit more effort.

Go to the Tuya Cloud app store page
Scroll all the way down
Look for “Community visit forum”
Follow link, and now you’re in the Tuya Cloud app topic;
The workarounds are called

  • tap-to-run
  • RAW commands

and mentioned clearly in that 1st post.

You can create tap-to-run scenes for most commands to the lock.
Raw commands is a bit more difficult, and is needed when the lock needs to tell something to Homey (I am open, I am closed etc.)

Thx. for your reply and for reminding me. :flushed: I know that of course. It would be the same sort of thing I did with my LSC floodlight from the action. Great “how to” by the way.
The crux si this: “almost any Tuya device can control Homey.”
The question is, is there someone who can acknowledge that it works. It would be a pity if I bought the lock and iti s one of de few exceptions.

YW! And thanks.

There’s always a hero which buys the untested first device and explores the unknown…
Be that hero…

But jokes aside, the lock and unlock functions definately should work imho, it really should, I only can’t promise anyone it will work for sure.
It’s not about exceptions, but about lack of confirmations and what Tuya makes available to control by the tap-to-run method.

The RAW commands however, are the communications to the Tuya iot cloud. You can listen for, and thus save anything which is used to control a device, or what a device generates on events, and then use that to control the device, or control Homey.

You would be very out of luck when exactly that lock shouldn’t work with Homey.
It’s not my money, but I would tell you if chances are low. They aren’t.

Aren’t you afraid you will be locked out some day, because something is malfunctioning?. Or have you created a “back door” :grin:

I think that’s an other discussion, sorry.
Zero chance I’ll lock my house with internet dependent locks though :flushed:

It looks like you’re message was not understood…

The lock comes with physical keys also.


OK, think about it. I’m looking for a smartlock for quite some time now and I’m running out of patience. Thx. very much for your input.

Oh, about not being able to get in anymore, Tuya wifi stuff is connected via your local network. It is still controllable when internet is down for a while. Say an hour or so.
The key option is a perfect backup though.