Aqara Zigbee sensors

You’re very welcome.

Just remove them from your zigbee mesh, you still have lights for the time being?

That’s what I tried to say with seems

There’s enough posts about Pro 2023 + Aqara issues. I don’t know if Ikea lights were involved everywhere.
But give it a try for a few days without Ikea, then we’ll know more!

I don’t know really. When the wifi signal completely jams the zigbee signal of a device, it will not sent updates anylonger, I presume. I don’t have a test lab.
Sure thing is, they can use the exact same frequency band, and then zigbee can lose while wifi has a lot higher transmit power. Can’t find the source right now, but it can be up to 10 times higher.

I’d go for the latter (just while you don’t have many Ikea stuff).
But, if Aqara by itself is/seems to be a PITA on the Pro 23, I’d go for the Aqara hub.

Note, they create their own zigbee mesh, so you have to watch the distances between the devices on both zigbee networks.

I can get that. It took me quite some time all together.
But, if you like some info for a boring rainy day, here’s a how-to I wrote. I use zigbee2mqtt as Homeassistant add-on

Hi @JanPieter88
The sonoff stick is a nice idea when you need to reach a ‘faraway’ device.
But if range is not critical, or mains power is available, I would just add some zigbee plugs or lights at strategic positions.

I don’t understand this logic. Prior to the actual reset of your zigbee network, you’ll have to be sure to have your 2.4GHz wifi on a (quiet as possible) fixed channel.
When resetting zigbee, Homey then tries to find a quiet channel, and changes the zigbee channel if needed.
Now it’s imho just a coincidence it changed from 25 to 20.
OR, you have strong enough neighbor wifi signals in your home… which probably are not on a fixed channel.