Aqara & Xiaomi Smart Home - Zigbee App (v1.4.1 - TEST: v1.4.2)

Fair enough. I will wait patiently.


A big thanks for all your effort and work, Ted!

How are things with the addition of Aqara roller shade?


I seem to be having issues which seem to be common with the sensors. I have the Aqara window and door sensors and about half of them go to sleep and never wakeup. I can re add them but then after some weeks they all go unresponsive. I sent a diagnostic report, but after reading think it has more to do with homey than with the app.

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I have 3 of the Aqara zigbee motor and one B1 motor. So for 3 it ain’t possible. Thanks!

I was thinking to use Aqara Vibration sensor for an additional notification for doorbell. But it looks like it cannot pick this change (pics). It is quite. rapid.

  1. is there a way to lower threshold so it will report alert?
  2. Is there other sensor that can work this way?

Doesn’t the vibrationsensor respond when the ‘hammer’ hits the left iron?
There has to be a sensitivity setting in the device settings.
What about putting the v-sensor on top of the housing?

It does not report as a alarm. it is too quick or sensor is not so sensitive

The sensor itself has a sensitivity setting, but I don’t know if Homey supports this setting. Have you checked the device settings?

Tried to. looks like this.

Hmm too bad, doesn’t look like it’s possible to change it with Homey then :frowning:

Do you know any work around? Different device or something to send push notification ?

Here is a solution with a door sensor. I myself used a Neo Coolcam door sensor. Had to insert a (mini) AC/DC converter because else the sensor is triggered 50 times a second… :slight_smile:

I used the small aquara button and soldered a wire in parallel of the push button. Connected this to the contacts of a relay and connected the relay in parallel to the “gong”. This works perfectly and never misses a “push”.


Does anyone knows please if it"s possible to anyhow detect that Aqara flooding sensors are alive/in Zig-bee mesh ? They reports always 100% battery but I don’t know if they are working unless I trigger them by simulating flooding…and “Device has not responding” flow is not usable in this case…
Thank you.

For zigbee sensors you could consider using this script from @Dijker

This script doesn’t work for this purpose - just yesterday, after Athom finally fixed in latest FW bug related to the “device is not reporting” I realized that Ikea motion sensor didn’t report for 17 days any movement…and all was fine, including routes (on developer page) and including the script above, it didn’t report any issue. While motion sensor you can easily check, flooding sensors and smoke sensors you can’t…and as those are more important then motion one, I’m wondering if there is any solution except of testing it myself regularly.
That’s why I’m asking if there is any workaround, I know that TED some time ago (year?) mentioned he will be pulling some additional data from the sensors but seems this idea was left behind.


I can’t add new devices. Nothing happens when I try to pair. I have tried 3 different devices. I have restarted the app and also Homey, but same result.

Here is the diagnostic


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How many Zigbee devices are already paired with your Homey? Are you sure you’re not hitting Homey’s limits?

Please add a roller curtain controller. Let me know if you need my participation.