Aqara water leak does not change its status to be alarmed even when I sock it into water

I’ve purchased an aqara water leak sensor. Pairing was smooth and I had no problem with having done so. However, it does not change its status even if I soak it into water. Are there different versions of the sensor? I’ve attached a photo showing the version of the sensor.

Sounds like it’s broken.

Maybe changing the battery will help?

Try to test with a wire - connect the 2 screws at the bottom.
Press the button on top and check if the LED flashes. That will start a reconnect to the Zigbee network if the sensor lost contact to its Zigbee router.
As last try delete the device in Homey and re-add. Since Firmware 7.x I had this issue with 2 Aqara window sensors. Bad if it’s happening to a water sensor and you don’t recognize until the house is full of water :hushed:

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Thanks a lot. It works.