Aqara TVOC Air Quality Minitor

I’ve got a question about this device. 3 days ago it game me an alarm regarding the air quality; the so called VOC alarm.

How come this hasn’t updated for the last 3 days? Or is it still going since 3 days ago? Is there a way to check?


Appearently it’s above 220 so it makes sense. I just happened a few days ago since we upped the google nest temperature to 19 degrees. The radiotors started to produce heat and this happened.

What is considered a good VOC alarm threshold? 220 seems a bit on the low side.

It depends, is it just VOC being above threshold or even VOC hasn’t updated at all, together with Temp and Humidity.

If it’s not updated, it might be related to the TVOC sensor firmware

It might be (you didn’t specify which Homey you do run) related to the necessity to do the repair in case of HP23 - [APP] Aqara & Xiaomi Smart Home - A different kind of Smart Home solution (Zigbee App) - #4912 by Sharkys

Or it might be just battery being empty (does it react when you switch modes on your sensor?)

ChatGPT : The recommended VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) alarm threshold in parts per billion (ppb) can vary depending on factors such as the specific VOCs you want to monitor and your indoor air quality goals. As a general guideline, a threshold of 200-300 ppb is often considered a good starting point for alerting to potential air quality issues.