Aqara single switch T1 that can't connect to Homey

Hello. I bought a pair of Aqara single switch T1 (with neutral) on Black Friday and I can’t pair them to my Homey Pro 23. I get an error message that it’s taking too long time and that Homey can’t find the device. I bought two exactly the same just a month before and these connected to the Homey without any problem of any kind. I have also tried the test version of the Aqara app that is out now with no luck. Does anyone have any idea of ​​a solution to get these into the Homey Pro 23? It says both in the app itself and on the app download page that Homey should support this device. Something it did with my first two switches.

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You’ll find the link to the Aqara app topic at store, Aqara app page.
… You were so darn close … :

When you post your issue in the app topic, send your zigbee overview along with it.

No Aqara T1 is yet supported.
Please search this forum and you will find many topics regarding this. :slight_smile:

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