Aqara sensors stopped working?

When I will move to a deconz setup mostly all my devices can migrate. I also have some Tuya Zigbee devices that are not supported. So these devices are not part of the new mesh and will have range issues…

Like what? LIDL started selling Tuya-based Zigbee devices a few months ago, and they got added to deCONZ very quickly.

Oh ok also the 4 gang wall switch

The switch might already be supported: Tuya Zigbee 4 gang · Issue #4012 · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin · GitHub (but there appear to be some issues with it).

Did you search for manufacturer and model id in the deCONZ github repository? And like Homey, you can always post an issue with all relevant information of your devices to get them added.

So… I’m still uncertain as what to do with my random Aqara sensors that stop working. Last news is parts of my network gear got fried in a thunderstorm, so I have to setup my whole mesh network from scratch again. I’m debating as to if I should just Reset my whole Homey setup and start from scratch there again. Don’t know if it will do any good, or just give me more to do. Any Thoughts ?

This will probally not solve the issue. Of course it is always good to rebuild from scratch. Start with your routers and then add your end devices on the correct location. I did this also but after a while some dropped again. I’m now running a third Zigbee network (1ste Philips hue Zigbee network, 2nd Homey Zigbee network) with a RsPI-1 and a conbeestick II (40Euro with de Deconz image running on the PI (8,50Euro marktplaats). I bought some IKEA repeaters (3x10euro) and connected only the Aqara sensors that are failing.The sensors connected to the Deconz (connected with the deconz app) are stable for three days now. To be honest I’m not happy with this solution but the only way to keep my homey stable with some aqara sensors. I invested heavily on aqara sensors so will bite this bullet. The problem of the dropping sensors are something new and I hope Athom can resolve this.

I have a total of 8 of these sensors running on Conbee 2. They have been working for several months without any failure.
Are you sure the broken sensor is within range of the Conbee? Bring it closer to the stick and see what happens.
The sensors only report a different lux value if something has changed. Hold a flashlight in the sensor. The lux value will change within a very short time.

I might have a same issue 1 of my aqara door/window sensors doesn’t respond anymore (but whenn I add a new device and set the sensor in pairing mode Homey says it’s already connected…)

tonight i’ll first try by removing it from my network and then add maybe it solves the problem

I have several aqara door sensors and most of them have stopped at least one time and all I could do was remove them and re-add them to get them working again.
One time after that the door sensor did not work and after restarting the Homey the sensor did work again.
I also had this with Aqara T1 no neutral. I needed to be re-added again to work again.

I have no idea if this is Aqara or Homey related but it happens now and than.
Eufy sensors never had this so far. Those are the two sensors I use.

I have about 6 Aqara door sensors paired with deCONZ and I have no issues whatsoever. So my guess is that the issue is with Homey.

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I think it is yes. Maybe it will looked into than?

I’m sure the boffins at Athom are looking into it.

I can confirm that. All Aqaras work on DeConz without any problems.

I’ve 12 Aqara’s on Homey’s zigbee, even 2 of them mounted upstairs, no router devices and they work 100% fine, there’s even one inside the freezer unit.
I’ve got motion-, temperature/humidity- and door/window contact sensors.

I think the router devices used, the wifi vs zigbee network setup, the neighbours wifi, distances between devices and the type of walls/ceilings can influence a decent performance.

I really hope so - and that there is a fix before winter time where all my sensors are used to control my heaters :relieved:

I have contacted Aqara - and they are 100% sure it is Homey - not Aqara which is the root cause to the problem.

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Perhaps you should consider an alternative Zigbee implementation like deCONZ then.

Yea - but is that a new hardware or something ? Link to where I can learn how to do it would be appreciated (however I do wish things would work on Homey… :slight_smile: )

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Yes, it’s new hardware. If you’re not (somewhat) familiar with Linux, it might be difficult to set up. However, if you want to rely on Aqara sensors combined with Homey the upcoming winter, you just have to hope for Athom to solve this problem (and given that it has existed for a few months already, a fix may not arrive before then).

Ouch - not touched Linux since early 90’s :rofl: I hate to scrap all my Temperature sensors from Aqara tbo, but what other solid and cheap option is there for temperature sensors ? (My motion sensors and door/window sensors from them work flawlessly which is weird).