Aqara sensors show red exclamation mark


After the upgrade to 4.x my many many Aqara sensors are all marked with a nice looking but not nice-being red exclamation mark.
When looking into the device it’s shown as „device not available“ / timeout.

Funny thing: The devices and their flows seem to work plus in Apples Home App I can even see the correct status (eg door sensor open/close).

PTP: Done
Restart App: Done
Updates: Done

Any better idea here? :thinking:
Thx !

Clarifying question: did you restart the Xiaomi app or you phone app? :wink: I bet those “Steckdosen” are Zigbee as well, right?

On PTP: did you wait 15 minutes before plugging it in again? The Zigbee network might also require 30m to rebuild.

(Sorry for asking the obvious questions, but we need to be thorough :slight_smile: )

I appreciate when someone is thorough. :slight_smile:

Yes, the Steckdosen are Zigbee as well.
I did the PTP and waited even an hour.

Also I started everything that was possible to get restarted, yes.

Had the same recently. Did a ptp again and that did solve it!

Just wait, mine zigbee units takes 2 hours to get initialed after 4.0 upgrade…
Athom messed something up

Sure I will wait. Honestly I do since yesterday.
To be clear: The devices basically DO work; meaning the flows they’re integrated into do work as well. And via Apple Home one can see their status as well.