Aqara Opple, the Aqauara Hub and Conbee II

I try to connect a Aqara Opple 6 Button Switch to my Homey.
I realize that the Aqara & Xiaomi ZigBee App from Ted Tolboom doesn’t offer that Opple device.

I then found out, that the deCONZ App would support Aquara Opple using a ZigBee ConBee II USB Stick.

If I use the ConBee USB Stick i must have another “computer” running like a linux box or Raspi or something? I cannot connect the ConBee Stick to Homey due to the lack of USB ports.

I also realized that the Aquara Hub EU would support the device.
Is there a way to add the Aquara Hub - same as the Hue Bridge - not to have another computer running?

What is the best way to get this 6-button device running?
Any other way to connect a Aqara Opple to/with Homey?

To sum it up for me and others. As of today, Homey 4.2.0 is the latest firmware that will only support Aqara App 0.8.0 from Ted. This Version doesn’t support Aqara Opple devices.

I could update the firmware to experimental v5.0.0-rc.50 as of that will support the lateste Aqara App 1.2.2 (by Ted).

So I went to Homey Developer and enabled experimental support and now the update shows in my Homey App.

This is correct, but it is not the willingness of the dev. As I understand, the firmware 4.2 lacks the features to support Opple devices.

Regarding the Conbee II stick; yes you’d need a different controller, like deCONZ, and yes you need something to run it on. Even if Homey would have USB ports there is no way it would support running the Conbee II stick. deCONZ can be run on many hosts or run in Docker.

I need to use values for buttons and scenes and thought that I might find to valid values in Homey Developer but I was wrong.

I found out that I need to adress the buttons as “button 1” (not 1) but I don’t find the values for the “scenes” e.g single, double, triple or 1,2,3 or 1x,2x,3x don’t seem to work.

Where do I find the valid values for this device?


Create a (push) notification where the message contains the token so you get to see the value.

Use scenes

If button 1 pressed 1x

then push notification to your phone with what ever message.

Then press buttons one by one until you get notification (1).
Then you will now what button has number (1). Then change the button number to 2 and repeat for each button.