Aqara Hub M1S - Not possible to connect?


Just bought a Aqara Hub M1s
Model: hm1s-g01

Got it connected on aqara app on the phone, but cannot find it anywhere in Homey at all.
Then its basically useless.
Is there no support for it at all?

Did you first try and see if there’s a Homey app for it?

Have many other aqara products, but cannot find any hub to choose from either in aqara or mii app.

So you could have known it’s not supported.

Correct it is one of the, let’s say competitors, what did you expect?

Well, when Homey has limitations with units of these types homey should not make it harder to use with other hardware.
Then homey is useless too.

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All other aqara hardware is supported so no.
Why should this hub not be supported when others are?

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Just that other Aqara devices are supported doesn’t imply that the hub is supported too. It’s not mentioned on any of the app pages as a supported device.

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You’re free to write an app yourself that supports it.

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Well other members of this community has been able to add it,but guess it’s the chinese version.
Why do you even bother replying when you do not have anything that may help my question?


I already answered your question: if you can’t find an app that specifically supports your device, Homey won’t support it.

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I might have missed that, do you have a reference?

I searched the forum for “Aqara Hub M1s”
The 3rd hit says, it seems to work using the Homey app Homekit.
I can only find Homeykit at the app store, maybe Homekit is removed?

You cannot - to my knowledge - connect an Aqara Hub to Homey using an app, i.e. ‘Aqara & Xiaomi Zigbee’. My quoted message is about my Aqara B1 curtain controller that is connected to an Aqara M2 hub. The curtain is controlled using Homekit.

Background… reason for this ‘d-tour’ is that my curtain controller looses connection to Homey’s Zigbee network, the Aqara hub fixed the connectivity issue.

It should be possible to use the same integration?
But I cannot find any homeykit app?
I have soon 20 aqara devices, but can’t use them all since Homey Pro has limit with 15.

As long as a couple of these 20 devices are connected to mains (not battery powered) you should be okay…

Like @Homey_Lampje said, if you use enough routers (230V) then is 20 no problem. I have 17 Aqara devices and other battery powered remotes. And with routers I am on a total of 32 Zigbee devices.

Which routers do you use?
Most of my aqara are door and other sensors on battery :disappointed_relieved:

I.e. an Aqara smart plug/socket.

I have a couple of Ikea Tradfri lights, Tradfri repeater, Ecodim dimmers.
Normally every Zigbee device that is 230V powered should do the job.