[App] Telldus - Z-wave

Created to discuss the Telldus Z-wave app.


I have a Telldus Plug-in switch mini, which I use for measuring the power consumption of my heat pump. That means that the Telldus should never be switched off.

So is there a way to prevent the Telldus from switching off, should I accidentally happen to short-press the device icon in the Homey app?

No, not that I know of. I don’t think you can.

Does anybody know how to branch the repo and make a pull request with the implementation to be able to add the min plug as non secure?
I asked @Yhaugom but he hasn’t the time right now and I dont know how to do that. :blush:

Got a reply from Homey support regarding add z-wave devices as non secure,

You can refer them to the Fibaro sensor implementation in the latest app update if they need an example how to.

EDIT I did some “digging” and is it possible to add the following in the app.json file on row 481?
"includeSecure": false,

It’s probably not that simple, but I had to try. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes! I found @HansieNL guid how to install apps via CLI so I downloaded the project, made the above change and now I have the mini plug as non secure.
What I see aftrer is that the mini plugs connect without a hop to my Homey. When they where secure they did at least one hop to a non secure device.

I will see if I can make branch and make a pull with the change I made.

Hmm, should the tellusplug add as secure or unsecure? I´ll like it to be secure but adds as insecure.

That’s really strange. I wanted to add my plugs as unsecure but the app was adding them as secure so I had to change the code, compile a new app and load it onto my Homey.
According to Telldus, the only devices that should be added as secure are locks and alarm devices.

But you should add them according to your wishes. .

Looks like Telldus soon will release a combined rain/wind z-wave weather-station. Any chance it will be included in the Telldus-app for Homey?

If someone feels the urge to help out writing the code then maybe. :upside_down_face:

I have some small changes/fixes lined up, but it is for v5, and I don’t want to install unstable firmware on my only Homey.

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The one in the link says 433MHz

Hi. Is there a way to reset power measures in Telldus zwave plug?

@Mats_Nygren Yes, you should be able to do it in a flow or under device settings if I recall correctly.