[App] Roth Touchline

Add your Roth Touchline unit to Homey

Control floor heating thermostats from Roth. To use this app you should have one controller, if you have more than one physical controller they have to be set up as master <-> slave.


Supported parameters

  • Renaming thermostats
  • Set target temperature
  • Select modes

This app supports the different modes provided by touchline. There are 3 modes and 3 week programs but they are all interpreted as modes in the roth android app.

  • Comfort
  • Night
  • Holiday (Off)
  • Pro I
  • Pro II
  • Pro III

Live version: Roth Touchline | Homey
GitHub repo: GitHub - jonkristian/no.jonkristian.roth: Roth Touchline integration for Athom Homey