APP Request: TTLock OEM Smart lock provider

TTLock is an OEM developer of electronics and systems for smart locks. Many other manufacturers and brands use TTlock’s system, just Google TTlocks and you will find hundreds of locks that use TTlock.

I’m missing (or can’t find) an app for Homey to interact with TTLock.
Anyone know a app that works?

Cloud-based smart locks, what could possibly go wrong… :thinking:

There doesn’t seem to be an app for it. You could possibly get it working by running TTLock2MQTT on another system and interacting with it using the MQTT Device from the MQTT Hub app.

Or ask in the corresponding thread Homey Pro Community App Request if a developer would program an app, like it’s mentioned in the Welcome to the forum! thread.

I ended up here searching for a ttlock app. If it helps anyone, it’s pretty simple to use the ttlock API and create your own device. Sign up at the correct open api location (mine is Create an application there and wait for it to be approved (takes a couple of days), it will give you your client ID and secret.

After that you can use http flow cards to do whatever you want, check the API docs here

I use an advanced virtual device from the device capabilities app and update it / respond to action buttons:

You need a ttlock gateway to do this (hint - don’t buy the branded one from your lock manufacturer for £50+. Just get any ttlock gateway, like £20 on aliexpress).

I’ve done similar things for other devices that aren’t natively supported. Generally I’ve found it very reliable. In fact in some cases I use this method in preference because I have more control, one example being the solarman PV portal app which can be very slow to update. Instead I have used the same set up to call modbus via nodered and create a device, including control of charge rate:



That great,I’ve ttlock and usb-c gateway sitting in my garage for 2 years :sweat_smile:, not sure what to do with it.
@parody Can you create a new post and guide to share ?

Sure, if such a thing does not already exist? I am only combining standard functionality of others components. It’s certainly a nice no-code way to add unsupported devices in a way that, for all appearances, looks natively supported.

Editing to add the HOWTO link: [HOWTO] Simulate a native device when it is not supported by an app - example with ttlock