[APP][PRO] Zigbee2MQTT

This version ‘broke’ flows where I checked for presence turning on/off and if logical value presence was true/false for my movement sensors

It looks like it is caused by the fact that at first it was ‘presence’ and now ‘beweging’. But not absolutely sure.

Can you fix your flows?

Thank you, seems Heimdall now see vibration sensors :+1:

Vibration alarm triggers have to be fixed but that’s I guess not a big deal

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Yes I did. It just took some time :wink:

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Guys, is there a tutorial or video showing how to configure and install the Zigbee 2MQTT and its devices? I’ve been reading the posts and found them a little confusing.

Best source of information is the official page - Installation | Zigbee2MQTT

Eg. me, I have Zigbee2MQTT running on my Synology inside a docker container with USB stick, followed this guide - Running Home Assistant with Zigbee2MQTT on Synology NAS in containers | Jan-V.nl mostly for getting USB working inside a container.

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Ok, will take a look. Thanks

Haha, that guide mentions my Github repository for DSM7 USB drivers :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Noticed events in my logs since today, originating from homey.
It seems the zone activity started working, so l looked up the changelog for this app and noticed it got added.

Nothing was bound to it anymore though as i already moved back my automation to node-red and my homey mainly operates as expensive 433mhz bridge at the moment.

Just hopping in here to say great work on having this operational!

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Hey there,
I’m very green here so please be gentle.

I’m trying to use Zigbee2MQTT and z2m rather than the native Zigbee function in Homey, because I have 20 new Zigbee lights already installed and it looks like this app can help pair a few at once.

I’m stuck on identifying my Homey Pro as the “adapter” port in the Zigbee2MQTT config and I dont have any other Zigbee hubs to use instead.

Any guidance would be really helpful.

You can’t use Homey as a z2m controller, you need separate hardware (like a Raspberry Pi, or a NAS) for that.

Thanks for the reply.
Sorry I should have clarified… I am running z2m and mosquito on an Raspberry Pi… I’m at the final imlementation but don’t know how to port Homey Pro in z2m on RPi…

I have tried using the Homey Pro IP address but it can’t find it.

You need a separate Zigbee dongle as controller, you can’t use Homey for that.

Dang, felt like I was so close.

Thanks for your help.

First of all, thanks for creating this great app! Finally I can use all the presence and soilsensors!

Would it be possible to somehow get the size of presence object from zigbee2mqtt? Some sensors gives you small, medium or large in z2m.

Thanks again!

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See first post how to get your device (better) supported.

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@OH2TH many thx for your donation! Much appreciated :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::beers: