Zigbee2mqtt versus deCONZ

I’ve been using deCONZ for quite a while, and though it’s working fine - most of the time - zigbee2mqtt seems to have more functionality and is supporting more modules.

For deCONZ there is an (old) Homey App, but what about zigbee2mqtt?
Should I just use the mqtt client, or is there a smarter and easier way?

It does work, but requires to create virtual devices and flows per device for any state change.

The MQTT hub seems to have an option to hook up to the MQTT broker, but I have not been able to get that working: the ‘Homie Discovery’ doesn’t show any result to me on the zigbee2mqtt tree.

To answer my own question:

I just discovered the ‘Advanced Virtual Devices’ from the ‘Device Capabilities’ app, and with this and some basic flows per device there are no limitations to use zigbee2mqtt :slight_smile: :+1:

E.g. added the Tuya Human Smart Presence motion radar sensor:


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With the Home Assistant community app you can add and use many types of HA devices as if it were Homey devices.



i have the same sensors as you been integrated here, so i wonder if you please could share more how to do this kinda step by step or somthing?

stig Hansen

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Just to add to this thread, there is a new Homey app now that integrates Zigbee2MQTT devices in a very easy way.