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[APP][PRO] YouLess, Enelogic, PVOutput - Belgian and Dutch P1 Smart Meter Reader

I have a heatpump with 1 fase outside unit, 3 fase inside unit and a P1 energy meter. I would like to measure power consumption, so youless i.c.w. this app seems like a (the) way to go.

What does this mean exactly?

P1 Energy and Gas meter

With the P1 connection on the LS120 or Enelogic you get the following extra’s:

  • All individual power meters (kWh, 10s updates)

What individual power meters does the p1 meter have? I’m not really familiar with P1 meters (or any other)

P1 is an interface for Dutch and Belgian smart meters. It looks like a phone jack. It provides near real time data for gas and electricity. The ‘individual’ power meters are: consumed energy peak, consumed energy off-peak, produced energy peak, produced energy off-peak.

Besides P1 the youless has an additional S0 input and an optical input. The S0 and optical input can be used for power or water (or basically anything that is measured in pulses) in the Homey app.

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Thanx, sounds good. So to measure my heatpump (1 + 3fase) I need two railmeters and one youless? Or two youless?

I would say you need this:

  • Main meter via P1
  • Heatpump outside via S0 (1 phase rail meter)
  • Heatpump inside via optical input (3 phase rail meter)

So you can do it with 1 Youless LS120, provided the P1 and rail meters are mounted in the same cabinet since the LS120 must be stuck to the rail meter, and the P1 lead can only be 3 meters max.

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Is there away to adjust the SO puls count in the settings.
My 3 pase meter has a 800 puls / kwh

It is the same model as the Youless 3 fase meter.

If you zoom in on the HAshop model you can also see 800 puls / Kwh in the manual is states 1000 puls / kwh

Yes you can set this in the youless device itself.


New firmware for Youless LS120

I received a new water meter. The optical sensor didn’t work with this anymore, so I needed to buy a pulse sensor and I attached this to the S0 port of the YouLess LS120.

I now experienced the slow return to zero of waterflow as described here [APP] YouLess, Enelogic, PVOutput - Belgian and Dutch P1 Smart Meter Reader - #196 by AR-J by @AR-J

The issue is caused by the LS120 itself, since it is using a strategy that is optimized for power measurement in stead of water measurement. Now that I could replicate the issue I was able to come up with an alternative strategy that I can run in Homey. The result is that water flow is detected faster, and will return to 0 significantly faster.

The new version 3.3.0 is pending approval by Athom.

Have fun with it :slight_smile:


Looking forward to the approval, have the same meter…

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The link to find the compatible water reader (in the first post) does not show any information anymore (see!). How do I find out which watermeter is compatible with Youless?


Any pulse meter is compatible. For the V200 that I have, I bought this one: Pulssensor Falcon PR6 voor watermeters Elster

Some other versions can be found here: Pulse sensor HRI for water meters Sensus

And here: Pulsesensor Cyble voor watermeters Itron

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Many thx for your kind donation Patrick :beers:


On the LS120 (maybe should be using different topic, but let’s try) there is a production dal and piek. How does he calculate that?

The LS120 doesn’t calculate that. It is simply coming from the smart meter.

right, and any toughts about what these values are? Are they daily rates almost can’t imagine that. I just can’t relate them to anything else i’m seeing?

found it, just got my meter replaced, and I guess this is the total amount of gained kWh. So since i’m currently not able to use the solar panel app, I could cumulate these to numbers, put them to a var and subtract the value of tomorrow.

I just finished a major app upgrade to version 4.0.0. It involves a complete rewrite to Homey SDK3. This increases overall stability, reduces memory usage, and ensures future compatibility with Homey once Athom disables SDK2 support. The app now only works on Homey firmware 5 or higher.

Change log:

  • Rewrite to SDK3 and Compose.
  • Rebranded to Youless and Enelogic.
  • Ledring code updated.
  • Removed legacy screensaver.
  • Renamed screensavers.
  • Fixed offPeak state after app restart.
  • Fixed several 0-value bugs.
  • Http timeout depending on poll time.

If some of you want to test it, you can download from here. Please let me know if it works good for you or not. Youless and Enelogic | Homey

Note: after installation you need to manually select the correct screensaver in Homey.


So far no issues for me on the test version.
Thanks for your app and update!!

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Great to see that this app is being developed so actively! I am doubting between the Plugwise P1 Meter or the Youless LS120. I read about the ‘not supported’ water feature. Which would give the Youless a massive pro. I have the Aquadis+ meter (picture here. This has a reflective part on it. Do you think this would work? Buying a seperate pulse meter is to expensive for the little water usage I have at home. But having it as an extra option (freely) is a big plus.

I googled some better pictures of the Aquadis+. It has a metal reflective part. That looks very similar to my previous meter for which I originally developed the optical water meter driver.

So yes, there is a good chance it works. But no guarantees :wink:. A problem might be that you need a flat surface large enough to place the youless device on.

If you want to do water metering and have ethernet and your P1 meter there also, I would suggest to go for the youless. The price is similar to the Plugwise, but the youless is more flexible in use because of the optical and the S0 sensors.

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@Gruijter love the app.
Minor thing I noticed after upgrading the app
In the timeline it reports as “enelogic and youless”
(If I remeber well that was the name of the old app?)

While the app is called “Youless and Enelogic”

I noticed the logging in the timeline and then searched for the app. Could not fins it. The noticed it was at the bottom of the list “Y” and not at the top “E”

Great improvement works like a charm!

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