[APP][PRO] YouLess, Enelogic, PVOutput - Belgian and Dutch P1 Smart Meter Reader

@Marc_Jurriens what is the firmware level of your youless? What is the DSMR level of your smart meter?

Red is power used. Full red ring means the power is above the maximum as set in the advanced device settings (I think 3000 watt is the default, but not sure).

Blue means power delivered back to the grid. Full blue means the delivered power is above the set maximum.

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Ik moet me verexcuseren…. Ik heb twee youlessen em degene die gekoppeld
Is aan de app had de firmware upgrade niet…

Nu wel en het werkt prima, dank voor de hulp !

Met vriendelijke groet,

Marc Jurriens

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Is it possible to easily see the total kWh and m3 gas of e.g. last month. so basically a bar graph with monthly consumption if possible with off-peak and peak hours.

kind regads Richard

That is why I created this app:

Thanks for the info Gruijter,
But can I also see what the consumption was the previous month. I see what the consumption is this month which is very nice but I also want to compare it with other months. And with the insights I don’t think I can do that either.

kind regards Richard

Yes you can. But you have to wait till the next month to be able to compare with this month…

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Does anyone have an example flow to measure the return to the grid per day?

Maybe this wil help.
Probably you can use a variable instead of a notification at the end of the flow to use ina Insights graph.

You can use Power By The Hour for that. [APP][Pro] Power by the Hour: Insights per hour, day, month and year
But you need to use a virtual device in PBTH and feed only the return kWh to it via a flow (e.g. on every change in return kWh)

I am using Power by the Hour great app but can you explain in a little more detail how to do that.

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See this example flow I am using myself:

So you first need to create a variable ‘Returned Energy’ and a virtual PBTH device. Then use the above flow. Note the 5 second delay in the final card!

And this is what I got (no energy delivered to the grid on this dark winter day :smirk:)

Thank you. Great that you can see your returned energy so precisely.

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Since the update from PBTH I get this message in the Youless and Enelogic app.

I have the same, nu thought it was because of this week’s installed heat pump

Unrelated to PBTH. You have a network issue. Try rebooting the youless

Problem solved by connecting the YouLess to another ip address.
Thanks. Have a nice day.

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Problem solved by putting back the p1 cable, constructers forgot that and I responded without checking on previous experience

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Hallo @Gruijter.
Since the last update the app wont give me the wattage/current per fase and broke some of my flows.

Homey @ Last firmware
Homey Youless App @ Last firmware
Youless Harware @ 1.5.3-EL (alsow last fw)
Meter funtionality: Repport 3 fases = Yes

What can i do to solve this? If you need more info let me know.

Fiddled about one hour, then got on this form to ask the programmer as you can see. After that within 5min found a solution.

First i, switch 3 fase off, save, turn it on in de Youless App on the Homey.
Then the Youless App kept on crashing, so i restart the homey and everything worked again including all flows.