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Hi, has anyone sucessfully added the Dreame X40 vacuum yet? If so, how did you do it? :hugs:

Hi. One of my three vaacums will not start from Homey anymore. It still reads the status of the vaacum and everything, but when I try to start it I get this error message:

All three are Roborock vaacums that has been working for a good part of a year in the Homey so far.

Try resetting it and pairing it again.

Ouch. That only changed the error message I’m afraid :confused:

Could you send me a diagnostic report from the app settings.

Definately. Thanks for the assistance so far.

Report no.:

Assuming the device that is giving issues has the ip it is caused by that device not exposing the device model. The Homey app therefor can not identify it’s functions causing all sorts of issues. Was the firmware of the device upgraded recently?

Unfortunately this is not something I can fix as it’s something with the device. Usually a reset of the device and starting from scratch fixes it but appareantly that doesnt work in your case either. Seems you are out of luck.

Hi again. Thanks! That’s the correct device.

At least I know that the fault is external, and that hugely helps my troubleshooting. I will try to reach out to the manufacturer and ask for guidance, and I’ll try to reset the device again.

Thank you so much for your time! :slight_smile:

I’m not sure that they will help you. The model identifier which for this device is currently retruning null is an internal parameter and the MIoT protocol used to create this Homey app is no officially supported way of integration. But you can always try of course, perhaps they can advice on this.

Sorry, I tried the “Reply by email” function.
I tried to say thanks for the follow-up info, and I was wondering if this missing piece of information hypothetically could be entered manually through the app settings somehow, for special cases like this.

Please submit a feature request for this on Github. It’s currently not possible and I would need to think about it.

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