[App][Pro] Wave Cooker fan

Test version Only !!

At the moment only available for testing

(Un-official) Homey Pro app to Control Wave Design Cooker Fan


Wave lets you control your Wave design cooker fan by Homey and flows. Allowing, for example, to connect your Stove system to the Wave Cooker fan. By using flows you can turn the cooker fan on and off when the stove turns on or off.

The Application works via the RF Remote signals (433Mhz), since Homey can also receive RF signals, feedback from the remote is incorporated in the application, meaning it should synchronise also if you use the remote.


Dimming of the light is not possible by homey. When using the Light on/off function, only full brightness is supported. As for receiving feedback in case you dim with the remote, this could result in the application triggering the light as ‘off’ whilst the light is on, or not detecting the light is on.

A word of notice

I am not a professional coder and only work on this as a hobby in my spare time. Please take note of this when asking for support or features :pray: