[APP][Pro] Verisure

Hello, still I cannot use the app as I receive always an error message at login. I am based in italy where the login works with two factor authentication with sms. Happy to support if needed

Hello i tried this and it is the right log in email and password but it says “Error: Too many step up tokens sent” from homey but I can’t come passed that. Is there a solution?
I’m from Sweden if that is helpful.

You can put the 2FA off in the MyPages of Verisure.
Maybe that will be working?

No, in Italy that option seems to be unavailable

I get the same “Error” popup with no further information. In the account & services page there is also no option to remove the 2FA. :frowning:

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I have found a solution to this problem:

You can opt out of two-step verification under the Account/Login details menu and the Deactivate two-step verification option on My Pages. You need to sign in once with two-step verification to see this option.