[App][Pro] Tuya Cloud

Still having Unknown error: invalid_device_by_id. I have tried everything but can’t make it work.

The hue color map is for legacy lights only and is not used (yet) for new api devices. So it should not matter.

I don’t have experience with Tuya sensors. At the moment I only have lights now.

The invalid_device_by_id is probably because there is still something wrong with your subscription. On setting page when save you should get an error message or message to restart app. Follow all steps in first post,YouTube videos or how-to’s carefully.

I had it working for a few weeks and then it stopped working with said fault message. I have done everything exactly as in the guide as it obviously worked earlier.
I can’t understand what the problem might be.

Hi, Im trying to configure Tuya Cloud app but got stucked. What am i doing wrong? Cant delete the link in the “api field”. Maybe thats the problem? followed allt the steps in the guide.

Just for follow up: I updated the Homey FW to 8.10 today from being on 7.30. All working now!

Are there new informations about ended trial period? My one was expired and I had to apply for a reneval.
But that’s a bit odd. There is only a trial that expires and we rely on th egood will of Tuya to extend or not?
And there is really no base subscription (like other APIs with a free base amount of call)?
Will Tuya automatically apply a new trial period?

I hoped, Tuya could be a good way to integrate devices. But this kind of dependency makes me doubt :hushed:

That link is ofc not inside the API field, but above it :wink:

I think all issues and solutions are mentioned in this topic now.
So keep on reading and you"d get it to work