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@Peter_Hendrix , so it seems to be solved. Did you test it by now?

Today I updated the Tesla app (from Tesla) on my android phone.
Still gives the same error message when trying to authorise the Homey Tesla app.
The message says “Cannot share vehicle”, I am driving the Tesla as lease.
So no solution for me yet.

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Same here. I thought it was a “me problem”

The issue is closed here ( Owners of leased cars without owner credentials cannot add third-party apps · Issue #45 · teslamotors/vehicle-command · GitHub ), hopefully it is just a matter of days now.

Will there come an update to Actuate Front Trunk like the old API has?

It’s already available as test version:

New test version 1.1.15:

  • Added media device (Tesla doesn’t support a lot of media data)
  • Changed car registration check. http-404 error won’t prevent the usage of commands. Seems like a bug in Tesla API
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Excellent work with this app, I’ve just sent you a small Paypal donation and I hope the rest of the users in this forum do too.

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Today I noticed a new version of the Tesla app on android. This new version fixed this!
You need to be in the car with your keycard and confirm the access on the screen of the Tesla.

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New version 1.2.0 waiting for approval:

  • Version update (publish live version including all changes since 1.1.5).
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This is probably something I am missing but

why does the top part work as a trigger but the lower ones do not?
Loving the app and what it offers.
Some posts above talk about the app appearing in the car as a key, neither of our cars show the app listed as a key. Both do show updates in location and Homey app shows tire pressures, climate and battery info

There was an update/fix for location trigger in one of the test versions. It should work with latest test version (or next live version if approved).

The car registration is needed to send commands - if the car device is set to use CommandProtocol (Proxy).

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Thanks @RonnyW since I have been at work the Tesla app has been updated. I’ll see if the location works more reliably

Hello. How did you resolve the limitation due to having your car under leasing?


Just one question: what does “wake up the car and…” options means? Wait or don’t wait, OK, but… wait what? What are consequences of each option?

Thanks! And thanks for your very good job!

you can just wake up the car without wait. It’s like open the Tesla app. Then it takes some seconds until the car is awake. But the flow card is exected without awaiting this time. So following cards in AdvancedFlows can be started too fast. So if needed, you can add delays by yourself if needed,

If you want to be sure the care is awake after wake up, you can set “and wait”. The flow cards is waiting until the car is online and the flow continues if the car is ready.
Following card can act now with the car.
If the car is not online after the waiting time (currently 30sec), the flow card will error.

You can use this card if you want to check the awake state after wake up. This way you can wake up, wait to get online and read updated device capabilities in following cards.

In common use this is not needed. If you set the car device setting “wake up if needed” for commands. If this is active, you can start a flow action. This flow action card will wake up the car if it’s asleep and continues then sending the command.

Hi. Can you add “model X” icons. Just as in the older Tesla App?

The app currently uses a generic schematic/silhouette icon to cover the Tesla style and get a lightwight and modern design.

I just tried an overlay…
This silhouette is fitting Model X and all others :slight_smile:


I’m surprised how similar all models are in design. Only the MS is a bit longer and thereby flatter then others.

The second reason for the icon style is to keep a place for the additional elements in battery/location/climate device icons.

Hi. On the older app, we could choose different icons on different cars. Was easy to see the difference between the S X and 3.
Can we bribe you to add the possibility to change icons? :smiley:

Currently I have no plans to use other icons.
In the old app, the icons were preset based on the VIN, but not selectable by the user.
To offer aadditional icons (with selection) it’s needet to ad additional pair views. Homey doesn’t allow others than the one icon set while pairing.

But i’ll check possibilities for a generic solution without removing the current icon. But with lower priority.