[APP][Pro] Synology Surveillance Station 2

Thanks for the app.

I have managed to install the cams and the NAS. I would like to use the motion detection from the (Axis) Camera for my backyard, only when my alarmsystem (Vanderbilt) is fully or parly set, something like this:

when alarmsystem is (partly/fully) set, and synology NAS / Camera detects motion, then make a screenshot and make a pushmessage.

when i choose for the camera in ‘AND’, then i only get the options:
Connected, disconnected
On, OFF.

Is camera (of synology NAS) motion detection not supported?

@boldor no the motion detection is not available in a AND card.

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Hi Martijn, what is the proper use of motion detection?

Hi @boldor
Can you elobarate what you mean?

Hi @martijnpoppen,

you told me motion detection is not available in a AND card.

Is motion detection available in another way with this app?

@boldor sorry I was wrong. If your camera/surveillance station supports motion a motion detection rule will be added and after that alarm_motion will be available in Homey.

This will result in motion trigger cards.

(sorry i didn’t build the app and also don’t use it, so i have to search how it works sometimes :wink: )