[APP][Pro] Sure Petcare App - (Sureflap Pet Door/Sureflap Cat Flap)

I’ve just released it to production.

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Thanks for keeping this app updated @Koktail :slight_smile:
I have set my Homey to send me a push when the cat is entering or leaving. Then other ting is triggered if I am home or not.
I have noticed in a week or so that it takes 60-90 seconds from the cat entering and I get the push from Homey. It is not a problem, but something changed. Could this be some sort of bug?

Sure Petcare discouraged using their API and has added a rate limit. So polling the API is changed from 5 second to one minute unfortunately.


I’m using one with the smpl mini display to show if the cats are home or not.

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That was really nice Koktail. :slight_smile:
Could I do something similar with a nest hub mini?
I really miss HP 2019 where I could use the LED ring to indicate which of my two cats being inside or outside.

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Since this morning my sureflap app doesnt seem to work anymore. Anyone else with the same issue ?
I removed and reinstalled the app but same result.

Also needed to login to the mobile app again this morning so maybee they changed something in the api again ?

EDIT: Seems to be working again out of the blue :slight_smile:

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I just noticed my cat couldn’t come in again. Apparently, the flap’s batteries were empty. So, new batteries.

Hours later, according to homey the battery level still is 12%. So, I got into the developer console…

Also, I noticed homey doesn’t send notifications for this app anymore. Does it still work?

On the app page it says the following:


  • Gain full access to Homey to control everything on behalf of the user

I haven’t seen this before, why does it need full access?

Since yesterday, the app works with hours-long delays. My cat was in yesterday at 17:30, the alarm from the app went off at 3:30 this morning. The registration in the original phone app does work correctly.

Anyone else has the same problem?

This is a problem by Surepetcare. Not related to this homey app.

Se here:


@Koktail at the top of this page it says:
“You need the Surecare Hub to use this app.”

Is this still the case even when i install the Homey app? I’m asking because it would make a 95 euro difference: https://www.surepetcare.com/nl-nl/huisdierluiken/microchip-huisdierluik-connect


Yes you need the HUB. The hub connects the flap to the internet . The Homey App talks to the api on the servers of sureflap to pass-on and receive messages from their cloud

Thanks for the quick explanation! I’ll be sure to pick up the hub as well then.

@MarcoRuiter is it possible to scan a cats id tag and right then and there decide whether to open the cat flap or not?

I’m asking, because we’d like our current cat to go outside whenever he wants but keep our kitten indoors for now. I suppose i can simply skip scanning the new kitten’s tag (for now), but in the future i’d like to be able to give them separate curfews.

@Bazeloth Yes, that is possible. You can assign access rights per chip (cat).

Yes, no the catflap only (not the petdoor) and not a curfew for both. Just mark them as indoor kat yes/no.

The “huisdierluik” (or “pet door”) only scans when pets go inside, not when they’re going outside, so you actually can’t do what you want with that one.
To keep certain pets inside, you would have to buy the “DualScan” cat flap:

But that one doesn’t have a connect variant.

Edit: seems like I was wrong on that last one. The normal cat door connect also has DualScan, (but the bigger “pet door” doesnt):


Homey Pro Early 2023 V. 11.1.1
Sure Petcare V. 2.0.8

we have 3 Cat Flap Connect integrated in Homey. The events function only for 1 flap.

Thank you for a solution