[APP][Pro] Strava app

Update your Strava weight settings after stepping of your smart scale? Fancy warmed bathroom after exercise?

This App can start flows on your Homey as soon as an activity on Strava is created, modified or deleted. Next to that it is possible to update your Strava weight or FTP settings.

The App also shows your calculated Athlete metrics on the device capabilities page.

Please let me know if you have any findings or wishes on GitHub or in this thread.

Live v1.0.14 App Store: Strava App voor Homey | Homey
Test v1.1.1 App Store: Strava | Homey

Details on how to use: GitHub - ThaYoung1/com.thayoung1.strava

Pls clarify where the strava app is.

Are you the developer?

Yes, it is in review right now at Athom. I thought I had to add the link to the community forum already upfront that’s why I created this post already.

I will add the extra info about the App later. In short: The app makes it possible to add Strava users to Homey and receive webhook events which will trigger a flow.