[APP][Pro] Solis Cloud Inverter - Receive realtime data from your Solis Inverter

Hi Solis Cloud users

I’ve pushed an app for the store.

Feedback are always welcome.


Appreciate a solis cloud way to get information into homey , but its not working for me…
added the api details, restarted the app , but when adding a new device to homey, the tile shows an exclamation mark and adding doesnt move forward

Hi Django, thank you for reaching out. Can you paste a screenshot of your settings and I will help you double-check the settings - they need to be correct. Please cover some of the api-values for your security reasons. The api settings need to be correct.
During device-pairing, did you device with your serial-no show up?

Hi , everything is setup correctly in the settings of the app , and adding a new device will result in the following view. (black bg)

when i add a device through the webapp the icon keeps “loading” where the exclamation mark is (white bg)

hope you can help !

Not to be rude, but I am expecting your app-settings to be incorrect:

Please follow the following step (just to make sure):

Please share your settings with blured defaults so I can check with you.

Dont be mistaken, the error can be in the detail. Example an extra ‘/’ or anything is “enough” to not load devices section correct.

See this vidoe for retriving the values for the settings:

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Hi and thanks for the Solis integration.

Is there something needed to do to get the API management settings available in the Solis Cloud webpage? Mine doesn’t show the API management at all.

You neee to send support an email to activate the API support

Within one working day you have acces to that

That was I my case


You need to remove the backslash at the api url at the end \

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I dont own a product my self. @Mark1541 is the super user. I’m connected to his device for support / future development - I dont know the first instructions.

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Information: New version (1.0.4) available with support for unit-switching

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not offended at all !! :smiley:
it was the extra / after the URL (which is the way it is noted at Solis cloud)

thanks for you help ! :slight_smile:

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correct :smiley:
thanks !!

Thanks for the fantastic app. Finally something for Solis inverters.

The settings went fine, but what I don’t understand is that my interval is at120 sec. but the data I see in Homey is one hour old. Is there a limitation on the number of API requests per hour?

Maybe someone has an idea?

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Hi @Peter_Peerlkamp

I might have a reason for this. If you changed the interval, you should restart the app.
If the “capability” is not updating and showing an older time, the cause of this can be that the value has not changed. I suspect only time of last value update, when the value has actually changed.

Thanks for a very useful app. After a bit of trouble setting it up (the slash at the end of the url) it works fine. Noticed a little bug: The current output from the inverter is in kW, but it says W.

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Hi and thank you for adding the app.
Is it possible to add something to the flow cards?
In the AND option it would be nice to have:

  • power comes greater then (w)
  • power comes less then (w)
  • the power changed

You should use “Logic” cards for that, it will give you all the options you’ed ever want.
“The power changed” is a trigger (when/if) card though.

Point taken. It will update.

This will be available in next version 1.0.6. Just pushed for verification to the app store.
Although “the power changed” does not make sense to me. Power greater and less are coming in HOT.

Enjoy your christmas all.


Thanks for a very useful app. Noticed a little bug: The current output from the inverter is in kW, but it says W.
Also the percentage is incorrect, it now says 0,021% and that should be 2,07%.

Furthermore, i see that when the inverter is online the app symbol is grayed out and when it is offline it is not.